As you now know (if not then check my last post), I am currently residing in Budapest, after relocating from Liverpool, United Kingdom.

One of the things I have learnt whilst living here for just a short period of time is how to actually pronounce Budapest, I have been doing it wrong and I felt very rude to the locals. It’s correct pronunciation is actually ‘boo-da-PESHT’ – If you already knew this then bonus points to you as I had no idea! That is not the only thing I struggle with, the language is notoriously difficult, so as I am learning this, I am attempting to speak this with a Yorkshire accent and it goes without saying that this is proving difficult.IMG_0022

On the first night in the city, I got introduced to a little drink called Pálinka. A traditional fruity Brandy. I happened to suffer a severe hangover after having shots of this, so my second day here was in fact, spent bed bound. Thankfully I have a while in this city, so I don’t feel bad about wasting a day. I still remember the distinctive smell and taste, hold on a second while I try and not be sick… It may be a while until I take another sip, maybe when I’m already drunk I will tackle it head on.

The first weekend here, we were busy trying to get ourselves accommodated and settled, but as this was proving more difficult than imagined, we popped the adult duties on hold, and whipped out the tourist duties. This involved a lovely walk over the bridge to Buda and visiting Buda Castle.


The weather made it all the more special. As a Brit, October is always very cold and wet. I prepared for the coldest weather, packing my biggest coats and cosiest jumpers, but instead I was greeted with the hottest weather I have probably encountered all year. Which is a shame as I actually ended up storing all of my summer back in the UK – typical.IMG_0018

As it was so hot, we attempted to start the long walk up, until I realised I was not dressed or prepared for this walk, so we stumbled back down and got a mini shuttle bus up the top – sweat free. Think City Sightseeing, but in an open TukTuk kind of bus, you can hop on and off at any of the stops and spend as much time around the castle as your heart desires.

We got off and wandered around the castle, staring over the river overlooking Pest in utter awe that this place was our new home.


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