A little dedication post for what will always be a classic combination, no matter how you wear it. Trousers and t-shirt, a dress and a jacket, skirt and socks, the variations are endless… as long as you’re creative enough.



I went with a classic oversized Levi denim shirt, courtesy of my dad who kindly gifted this to me around 5 years ago, and it’s still going strong, paired with a classic striped top. Which is actually turning 7 years old – it is definitely time to replace but something inside of me is just keeping hold of it. It’s giving it more and more personality the older it gets, and it gets more personal and tattered as the years go on.




This outfit, paired with some classic loafers, and wide leg trousers, was minimal, as though I had made no effort at all, but still look good.




Whistles know how to make great bags, I managed to snatch this white leather beauty up in the Selfridges sale and with a little cheeky discount – I managed to get this for £30!!

I rarely use it, but that’s because it’s white and I cannot trust myself to keep it is as clean as I would like – i’m a tad bit clumsy when it comes to anything messy.
















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