After a month of being in a Budapest, we got to go to one of the many famous baths that the city is known for, and it did not disappoint.IMG_0554

Many of the shops were closed yesterday, as it was a national holiday, so we wandered the streets and went into a a restaurant for food and drinks.

In our drunken thoughts, we then decided it was the BEST idea ever to go for a late night evening at Rudas Baths. This one in particular as it was only a ten minute walk over the Liberty Bridge from where we live so that’s a bonus!


Rudas Baths is a medicinal and thermal bath which was built in 1550. 6 pools of therapeutic goodness and the architecture was phenomenal. I have never felt so relaxed.

One thing that makes this one extra special, is the rooftop pool, looking over onto Pest. Seeing the city in the evening, all of the lights lit up, the cold against the warmth, it’s truly something fantastic.

Dotted around the baths as you walk around are water fountains where you help yourself for a drink.

Side note; this was the best water I had ever drank!


While myself, like everyone else in the pools, wanted to get the perfect pictures for Instagram, I had tried but failed due to the fear of me dropping my phone into the pool and for it to never be seen again!

So I quickly took a few snaps and scurried back and wrapped it in my towel where I knew no harm could be done!


I am my own worst enemy when it comes to getting photos, Luke always tells me to soak it in and not take photos, experience the views first hand – but come on, we all need a good pic to remember the occasion.

This is definitely going to become a weekly thing and I couldn’t be more excited for the next time we go. 



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