This was a very unexpected day, full of adventure without even realising it was.

We walked for miles after realising we had got on the wrong metro, and ended up getting off at the nearest stop we could to Heroe’s Square. Famous for it’s iconic statue complex featuring the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other important Hungarian national leaders.


From here we walked over to City Park, where we stumbled upon where the ice rink will be at Christmas. There’s something very giddy about seeing all of the Christmas lights and the ice rink, with the smells of cinnamon and mulled wine aromas in the air, wrapped up in a huge faux fur coat walking about the market stalls that really really excites me this year. The ice rink.. I want to be excited for, but, I. just. cant. ice skate. I reaaaally wish I could, so Luke has made it this years mission to get me on the ice with a tiny bit of grace, and not of that that mainly represents Bambi on ice.


Look at how magical this is going to look with all the lights at Christmas. Let’s not forget about the ice!


All around the park (we only saw a fraction of it, but I would love to go back and explore) there’s loads of quaint features, such as the street lights and little bridges here and there.


This statue of the hooded figure is that of Anonymous, one of the many tourist attractions that brings people into the park itself.

An unknown chronicler at the court of King Béla III who wrote a history of the early Magyars.

The pen with the shiny tip in his hand; writers (both real and aspirant) stroke it for inspiration.



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