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I’ll admit, this is my first ever pair of Vans… please hold back your judgement because, I know – it’s insane. What was I doing all of these years? I also chose a very daring colour for my first pair, pink?! It’s my favourite colour so how could I say no..

I am definitely going to get the classic black pair though, because they’re just sooo comfy.

As much as they are comfy now, I didn’t always feel this way. I hated them at first. I couldn’t get them comfy and they shredded the back of my ankles, just like most shoes but rarely trainers.

Why is breaking in shoes the worst thing ever? It really puts me off ever putting them on again. Every time I wear shoes that cause me havoc, I have to wrap my feet in practically one large blister plaster for them to be relatively comfy, only for a couple of hours a day and then rest up once they are removed from my feet.

The only other pair that have done this, and continue to do this no matter how many times I wear them, are my white chucks in the low tops. I know, right? What sort of creature am I and why can’t I wear supposedly, the comfiest shoes ever? I hear people who say they wear them for weeks on end while on holiday or travelling and I just couldn’t bear to think of the state of my feet if I had to endure that. Does this happen to anyone else or I am just the only one who suffers from them?! It would honestly give me great comfort knowing I am not alone.

That’s one of the main reasons I treat myself to some Vans. I feel they’re a little dressier than chucks, as I can never keep them white and that’s a look I really like (not like when you’re a teenager and you get your friends to jump and stamp on your brand new chucks to make them look like they have worn in and don’t look sparkling new).



I honestly cannot decide what my favourites are. The Vans are definitely growing on me, but the Converse have this thing where they make my feet look very petite and I love that in a pair of shoes.

Right now, I can confidently say the Vans are my go to pair when I know I am going to do a lot of walking, but the Converse are always on hand for when I know it’s a casual evening in the pub, mainly sitting on my bum and doing nothing.

Each pair has their own take and personality which is what I love about them both, but for now, the Vans are definitely taking over the race. Who knows how I will feel in a few months, the Converse may come back on top.

Screenshot 2017-11-10 13.30.32


Screenshot 2017-11-10 13.30.47


Look at how cute this dog is?! Definitely got some model potential here. I can never resist stroking a dog.. always trying to get the dogs attention while the owner is scurrying away from me as quickly as possible without hurting my feelings.

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