This is the fluffiest, warmest coat I have ever owned. After it being in my wardrobe for probably 4/5 years, I have only really just decided to wear it this year and I have no idea why it has taken me so long.

Am I the only one who actually does that? Has a piece of clothing they refuse to throw away because you know one day you will have the ideal outfit that you will want to wear it with? I do this a lot and I think it’s just my excuse for hoarding items that I don’t really need.

For example, I used to work in Reiss, and since gaining a little bit of weight, I don’t fit into any of it as I used to be straight as a ruler and now i’m a little more curvy, yet I still have all of it. It’s all super expensive and I love every single piece I got from there, so why would I want to get rid of it when I know I will want to wear it again eventually?

One thing I cannot do but I know I need to do is have a capsule wardrobe, but I literally have a million jackets and coats that I can’t get rid of. Each one makes the same outfit completely different.

When we plan to get a van and go travelling, I am going to have to leave so many clothes and shoes behind. I can get rid of it and it will be ok, but doing that? That’s another story.


A huge step for me this year, was when we found out Luke got the job in Budapest. We had to get rid of our apartment. An unfurnished apartment, full of furniture that we had purchased in the last year, sofa, bed, curtains, TV, bookcase… you name it, we had it. Frantically selling everything to get out before the tenancy ends was very difficult. I didn’t want to part with some of it but I kept telling myself, there’s a whole new opportunity knocking on your door, get rid of it all – it’s just stuff.

I have never felt better for doing it. I threw so much away, furniture got sold and charity got bags and bags of old clothes and shoes that I no longer wanted. I even had my prom dress…  a huge princess dress from 2010 that I had kept for 7 years!!! WHO NEEDS THAT?!? No one!!

I thought I kept the priority stuff, but now I know that when I go home I will be sorting through more boxes and we will be donating more and more bags again.


When we moved to Budapest, we had 7 suitcases of stuff. It’s unbelievable isn’t it. 7 Suitcases and a storage full of bits and bobs. We are currently settled in a flat at the moment, and apart from the duvet, pillows and towels etc that we will be moving to our next flat, I want to bring it down to 3 suitcases.

Of course we have brought home stuff with us, ornaments, prints, art supplies… so we will have one suitcase for that, and a suitcase each for clothes and shoes.

It’s a push getting 7 suitcases worth down to 3, mainly due to the big coats I decided to bring.. but I think clearing everything out again while we’re here will be even better for us.

I’ll let you know how I get one with 3 suitcases in a few months time…




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