We went ice skating!…

…Or should I say Luke went ice skating.

I have always wanted to ice skate, since watching Ice Princess at the prime age of 11, it’s been something that I always loved the idea of doing. I never wanted a career in it, but when I watched other people, I really wanted to be able to do it.

Growing up in my house, we watched all of the TV shows, X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and of course… Dancing on Ice, in which I was absolutely devastated when they cancelled the show, but the announcement of them planning to make the show return in 2018 has really given me something to be super excited for!

This was set to be a great evening. Except everything that could go wrong, went wrong!

We got to the ice rink and it closed for a couple of hours while they cleaned the ice up. So we went for a walk around the park and then for a couple of drinks for some dutch courage before we tackled my poor attempt at ice skating.

When it was finally time to open the ice rink, we went with excitement (and nerves from myself) only to be faced with a queue so long it would take an hour to get in. We started queueing, and realised it was going down pretty quickly so we weren’t too fussed about the cold.

As we got near the entrance, we noticed we could book online. With us trying to translate from Hungarian to English, we figured it out and managed to get tickets, but before we lost our place in the queue, I went to check that it was possible for us to get in quicker. With the quick assumption, I signalled Luke to come and meet me, only to be told we had to wait for the email – even though I had an order number and the lot.

This email did not arrive… we waited ten minutes before we almost called it quits. I checked my junk mail and hallelujah, there it was. We got in and went to get some skates, only to be told we had to leave a deposit as well as paying for them. This deposit had to be in cash… which we didn’t have and of course, as our fate was against us that evening, the ONLY cash machine in the whole ice rink was broken. Meaning if we left to go and get cash, we would have then ‘used’ our tickets and would have to buy some more.

We asked around and no one would help. They would all shrug in a ‘nothing we can do’ manner and I was getting very frustrated. Luckily for us, I asked the kindest lady who tried her hardest to get us some skates without paying for the deposit, when this failed, she actually took the money out of her own purse and gave it to us. It was the kind thing I have ever seen anyone do here and I couldn’t be more grateful for her to give Luke and I this amazing experience.

Growing up, every single time I attempted to step on an ice rink, I got scared, scurried back and forth, and immediately jumped off the ice. Even with a wall helping me prop myself up, I still couldn’t get the hang of it.

This went on for a good few years, and each time making myself more and more nervous every time I stepped onto the ice.

Last weekend was different. This was the first time I stepped onto the ice with the help of my wonderful boyfriend and managed to skate from one side to another. Once that was done, Luke quickly sat me down and I observed everyone else having a great time, while he went and skated off as fast as he could.

Luke is incredible at ice skating, he can go backwards and twirl, the whole works. It’s very infuriating to see when all you want to do is just go and fly on the ice… but immediately freeze when you try. One day I want to be as good as him, if not better and beat him around the rink. I’m not sure how he’d feel about that, haha.

He was incredibly patient propping me up and skating backwards so I could get the hang of the movements. I did yell and panic when I went a little too quick and we both almost took a tumble, but he managed to stop that from happening and I was almost crying to get off the ice as quick as possible.

I’m definitely not graceful on the ice just yet.



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