How amazing is this giant Time Wheel?!

We had some time to kill before we went ice skating, which is why i’m dressed in comfy joggers, needed some padding to help protect myself if I fall on the ice!

We had read that on New Year’s Eve, this Time Wheel gets turned around ready for the New Year ahead. We contemplated going this year, but the street parties are far too interesting for us to miss out and this is pretty far away from where we live!

^ I don’t know if you can tell but I had just seen three dogs playing and it made me really happy ^

When we went to see the Time Wheel up close, we noticed that one side of the glass was all smashed, so it looks like they stopped the sand from flowing down to the bottom… by the looks of it, this happened earlier in the year which is such a shame.

I’m not entirely sure if this will actually be turned again this New Year, but I really hope they get it fixed! It would be great to see this in full motion and watch the sand flow through.





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