Okay, so this is a post FULL of pictures. I went a bit snap happy when baking this, but at least you know exactly how each step should look haha!

This is mine and Luke’s recipe for Bailey’s Cheesecake (with a few substitutes as we are in another country, also we used certain products due to personal preference, this can be customised to yourself).

  •  100g butter
  •  250g biscuits, we used Biscoff. Crushed.
  •  600g Cream cheese.
  •  1 shot of Baileys Irish cream. We used a knock off as we shopped at Aldi (proper Bailey’s gives a much stronger flavour so I would recommend the real stuff!)
  •  100g icing sugar. Again we had none and our Aldi doesn’t sell it here in Hungary, so we used Brown sugar and crushed the shit out of it.
  •  200ml double cream. We used Whipping cream to get a fluffier effect.
  •  Nutella for on the base. Optional.
  • 1 teaspoon of Vanilla for flavour.
  • Chocolate of choice for topping.


Starting with the Biscoff and crushing them, we used a rolling pin to help with this as we have very limited tools for crushing. This did the job and got them to a nice fine consistency.


Once the biscuits are crushed, grab the butter and get it on the hob to melt it. Keep the heat low and keep stirring the butter so it doesn’t over heat.


Once melted, you need to stir it into the biscuit crumbs slowly. Add bit by bit until all the biscuit is evenly covered with butter and goes dark and stodgy. (This tastes fab so try not to eat all of it before you can create your base!)

*base, base, base… buttery biscuit base*

Let me know in the comments if you know the reference haha!

Now the temptation to poor this straight into your mouth is going to be real, so stay focused guys! Get your cheesecake tin and poor this in, without getting the crumbs all over the counter top.


Pat the crumbs down to an even level, a spoon or a flat glass will help you really pack the crumbs in as tight as possible to minimise breaking when you realise the cheesecake from the tin at the end! Put that off into the freezer so it’s nice a solid for when it’s time to but the cream filling on top.


As mentioned above, we didn’t have any icing sugar, so we made our own… it’s not quite the same so do get icing sugar if you can, but any sugar will work… even brown sugar! Get your ingredients together for the cheese part of the filling.


Once you have the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla essence in the bowl, mix this up as much as possible until it gets to a thick consistency.

Once it starts to look like the below, get your shot of baileys ready!

A shot for yourself and a shot for the cheesecake, that’s the best way to make this…

Now this is going to start to feel runny and too smooth, I promise if you stick with it and keep on whipping it will eventually start to thicken back up.

Once thickened enough, it’s time to whip up the cream. Soft peaks is perfect as you don’t want to lose all of the air built up.

Now fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture bit by bit, keep the movements soft so you don’t lose any of the bouncing air texture.


This step is completely optional but me and Luke LOVE it! Grab your base out of the freezer and it should be completely solid. Add a layer of Nutella over the top and make it as thick or as thin as you like.. we went a little Nutella crazy but that’s alright, it is Christmas after all.

Once evenly layered, begin pouring your mixture on top! This is the fun part because you get to lick the bowl right after.

Create as even a layer as possible and make sure you scrape all of the cheesecake out of the bowl.

Now it’s time to decorate, you can use more Nutella and make a marble effect, or add chunks of chocolate, biscuits or sprinkles, pretty much anything you want! We chose to grate some Milka chocolate over the top.

Sometimes we even cut up a Kinder Bueno before serving and stick it on the top of the slice – that’s my favourite!


Now it’s time to refrigerate over night.

You can see the Bailey’s colour has really popped after being refrigerate over night! It looks so creamy and delicious. You can either plate it up onto something a little bit more festive or aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it’s only me and Luke so we keep it on the metal plate that is was originally placed in.

Now it’s time to eat, I cannot get enough of it. I keep going back for more!!!

This is a strong winner in our household. Me and Luke always bake this when it’s near Christmas. Once or twice during the year too because it’s so blooming dreamy!

Let me know if you decide to make this, I’d love to see your images!

Or if you have your own special cheesecake recipe?! I am a huge cheesecake lover so any recipes are welcome!

I hope you enjoy 🙂 I know I will.



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