It’s very difficult to keep the same Christmas Eve traditions when not every Christmas Eve is the same.

Since starting university, I haven’t had the same Christmas Eve from what I can remember. It’s varied from staying at an old friends house, to spending it with Luke in our new apartment, or like this year, spending it in another country.

This year we don’t have any decorations up in our flat, as we don’t plan to stay in this place for very long, so buying decorations to clutter up space seems pretty pointless this year. We are still very much in the Christmas spirit, but we are not buying presents, or going home, so we make the most of the twinkly lights when we leave our flat into the streets.

Going forward, there are traditions we would love to keep doing, such as going to the local pub for a few drinks, get a little merry, and come home to snuggle on the sofa with a large cup of hot coco and watch one of the many Christmas films on our list.

We have never really done the opening gifts on Christmas Eve, but this is definitely something we are both wanting to start, especially as pyjama’s are the most comfy and brand new ones on Christmas Eve just seems to be a great idea, I have no clue why we haven’t done this before now.

What traditions do you have for Christmas Eve?

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