Okay, I have said it before and I will say it time and time again, I rarely shop for new pieces of clothing. Whether that is because I have no money or if it is because I’m not comfortable in my appearance to purchase something, when I hope a few months down the line it won’t actually fit me… hope with me ladies because it has most definitely been a long time coming haha!

However saying that, I still have a pretty hefty clothing collection for someone who only buys around 5 items of clothing a year.

I tend to find pieces of clothing, and mentally latch onto them for years without actually wearing them. I just cannot bring myself to actually give them to a new home, even though I know I will probably never ever wear them again. I have around 5 Jack Wills Blazers sitting in storage from when I was a teenager, and of course, I cannot get rid of them because they hold a huge sentimental value for me. How silly is that?!

I do, of course, keep hold of the very valuable pieces to me. I have so many lovely blazers, dresses and coats that I will squeeze into again one day… I promise. This coat is was one of those pieces that I am almost (comfortably) back into again. I bought this coat as a Christmas present while working in Reiss around 3.5 years ago now. It is also probably the most expensive piece of clothing I actually own.

Reiss is a brand I have always held dear to me, even if the quality of the women’s is most definitely not on par with the mens, yet. Still amazing quality, just prone to a few rips here and there. This coat was different. I had eyed it up for months and I knew I was going to own it. It was touch and go due to lack of them being in stock, but with a cheeky transfer from Nottingham (I think)? I got that baby and now I will never let it go.

I love purchasing clothing from Primark, H&M and other high street places, but there’s something about a luxury piece that is oh so timeless. You feel different when you wear it, it transforms your mood. As we have all established now, I’m not one for getting rid of clothes… I will do it when it is absolutely necessary, or if I know enough is enough, but most of the time I have this deranged voice in my head convincing me to keep it. I have a top that is 7 years old with a few holes in it… will I throw it away? Nope! I definitely think it’s going to be like a child with a really gross teddy that parents cannot handle to look at anymore, and I think Luke is going to throw it away for me as he knows I do not hold that kind of power inside of me.

As I keep stuff longer than anyone known to man, I hold off on what I buy, I don’t indulge in the sales like I used to when I was an eager teen trying to spend the last penny on my Christmas vouchers.

I actually still have money on a Topshop gift card from my birthday last year and that isn’t even technically my money. In fact the shoes I am wearing here are from the Topshop sale for £15 bought with said gift card last year. Maybe someone Shallow Hal’d me into not spending money on things I don’t actually need. How rude.



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