It actually snowed here last night. Of course over in the UK, a lot of people had a white Christmas, but here it was pretty warm. Now we’re almost half way through January and the snow has decided to show!

I wanted to make the most of it and get up nice and early to get some pictures in the crisp cold air. It was lovely and super refreshing.

I have wanted to walk up Gellért Hill since I got here but somehow never got the chance. The view from Citadella was absolutely stunning. I say that, I mean the points when I stopped to gather my breath before tackling the next hill or set of endless steps! By the time I got to the top top, the snow clouds had come down and it was snowing so much I got drenched.

I didn’t adventure around the top for long as I wanted to get down before the icy steps got too dangerous, I’m terrible when it comes to ice and of course feared for my life, but I definitely want to go back and see the park when it’s sunny!




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