Sorry I didn’t post yesterday guys, I had such a busy day wandering around Budapest that when I got home, I had some food and fell straight into a deep sleep! Does anyone else do that when they’ve done a lot of walking all day? As soon as they stop they just crash and there’s no stopping it from happening?! After yesterday, I have been thinking more about future trips away, just like everyone else!

The cold dark month that is January has everyone thinking ahead to later in the year. Planning trips away for weekends or those lucky enough to grab two weeks off and enjoy an all-inclusive stay in paradise. Whichever you’re lusting after doing, you know you’re already packing your bags in your head and planning outfits from Instagram.

January is almost over and I am so happy about it. Everything is always so gloomy and no one seems to crack a smile. Also I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks January is a trial month and the year doesn’t actually start until February 1st, am I right?

From my personal experience living in one of the most touristic cities in Europe, I have put together my own 10 holy grail items for a city break – for both night and day.

I like to keep my weekend bag as minimal and as light as possible. Especially if I’m going on a train or going on a flight, I like to know that I can get it on as hand luggage so I don’t have to worry about losing anything when I get to the other side, this does happen WAY more often than it should and it does actually scare me a little bit more than it should. So these are my basics, but are changed up for the evening and also by the accessories which can be customised for your own personal style and also where you will be visiting.



First up, we have the bottoms. You cannot go wrong with a decent pair of jeans for the day. Even for the night if you are going to the pub for some casual drinks, they are the best for a day to-night look. Swap your trainers for a pair of heeled boots or kitten heels and your look is transformed. However, if you’re like me, you like to get out of the day clothes and into something new to feel a little bit more dressed up, a pair of tailored trousers are classic and go with anything. Whether it’s loafers, heels or heeled boots, tailored trousers are my go to for a fancy evening look. Also super comfortable for that food baby that is due after your meal.



I know you’re thinking these are an obvious answer, but these are classics, no matter what the weather, you can pair these with a jumper for extra warmth, or on their own if you’re in the height of summer, these two will never let you down. Simple is always stylish and when you dress it up with other accessories, they’re the most fail safe pieces in a persons wardrobe. Less really is more when it comes to these and that’s why I have included them in this list.


This can vary on a scale from where you’re going for the weekend. It could be a thin jacket to throw on if the weather is warm, or a thick coat if it’s colder. Either way, a good coat is always great to have on hand. I would normally take a light and airy coat if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking as you can always throw on a scarf/hat for extra warmth and then you can take them off when you get too hot. If you’re like me, you’ll know that when you walk around for hours in a jacket and instantly become hot. I like to know that I can take off layers and still be comfortable. No one likes to be too hot when walking around so something light that can be flung over a bag is ideal for me! A blazer is pretty self-explanatory, they go with absolutely everything and immediately dress up an outfit. You can go with a fancy printed blazer to immediately add a pop of colour and depth to an outfit, or stick with classic colours to keep the colour palette simple.


If you plan to do a lot of working, then of course, trainers are an absolute must. I don’t know how I used to visit London in a pair of ankle boots and make it 8 hours on my feet walking everywhere. I cringe thinking about putting my feet through that now, so they practically live in trainers (they love me for it). For the evening, I would have said a pair of chunky heels, but kitten heels are that little bit different and a tad more elegant when going for a nice meal and some drinks. Chunky heels give the feel of a casual night, and for a city break, smaller heels are always welcome. Especially after spending all that time on your feet walking around.


This is where you can get adventurous with your accessories. For me I would definitely go with a baker boy cap. I practically live in them and I know I can wear it day and night and still feel absolutely glam no matter what I’m wearing or what I am doing. If it’s colder I may opt for a beret, but I know I couldn’t wear that on the evening so that would be for day time only. When it comes to bags, I love a cross body bag before I love having my hands free and being able to keep the bag in front of me just incase there are any pick pocketer’s around, they’re the worst and I have my phone stolen too many times to let that happen again. Sometimes Luke will have a backpack, so if there’s anything bulky that I want to take out with me, I will pack it in there and that way I don’t have to sacrifice my back for something bigger that I wouldn’t feel as comfortable in.

And those are my 10 holy grail pieces that I ALWAYS take away with me for a weekend away. I hope you got some inspiration from this, whether you’re going to the city nearest you for an overnight shopping trip or somewhere in Europe for the weekend, these pieces will see you through and ensure you are the most comfortable on your trip!

I’d love to hear any suggestions that you guys have and that I have missed off this list? Would you be interested in seeing what beauty items I would take away with me for a weekend away? From skin care, down to hand moisturizer that I always have in my bag? Let me know!

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