Let’s address the fact that I am i fact holding my purse. I don’t normally carry my purse around like this when I go out, but I was just nipping to Aldi over the road so I could get some eggs for breakfast and had an ungodly amount of change that I didn’t feel like dropping on my way over. So I chucked it into my purse and pretended it was a clutch… because how else can I style it when I have no pockets to put it away?

I honestly have a love/hate relationship with purses. I really wish I just had a card holder to put everything in as I rarely use cash, but here I always end up with so much cash. It’s very handy and also very annoying. If I need to jump on the metro, I know I can scurry away the cash and get a ticket and then it won’t be too bad, and of course some food places don’t accept card (my favourite soup shop for example).

My purse always ends up full to the brim and so so heavy?! There’s bit of paper or notes, and old cards that I don’t even need. For example my Birmingham City University Student Card is still in there. Why? I have no idea.

For some reason I really ended up liking this ‘nip out to the shop’ look. I love being casual and comfy and this is the perfect outfit. As you can tell it has been snowing so I knew for sure that the streets would be icy so I put on my trusty Nikes which haven’t really been off my feet for the whole month of January. I’m terrible when it comes to icy paths and falling over, so I need as much grip as I can get, plus I’m always holding on to Luke when I walk because I’m honestly so unstable.

Granted the trousers were a v bad idea, but something keeps on pulling me back to wear them. I have a similar pair in a blue and white stripe and they’re the same. They both are Summer only trousers, but hey, I’ve been rocking them throughout Winter too…

Outfit Details:

Purse – BIBA (sold out, similar here and here) | Trainers – NIKE (sold out, similar here) | Trousers – Primark  (similar here) | Hoodie – H&M  (sold out, similar here and here) | Cardigan – Jack Wills (sold out, similar here) | Hat – Topshop (sold out, similar here)

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