Good morning to you all, can I just say I’m in one hell of a fantastic mood! For a strange and unfortunate reason, the festive period wasn’t as festive as I had hoped it would be, and it wasn’t the most fun time for me. I guess it’s because I never got to buy any presents for anyone and I never got to go home and see my famalam either. That was a bummer but I spent it with my better half, binge watching Christmas films and of course, we had a lovely McDonald’s on Christmas Day.. because what better way to spend it when you’re a little bit ill and don’t want to get dressed up for a fancy meal?

Anyway, fast forward to the new year and I had set myself high expectations. While these are still up there, I thought at the start that it would be exactly the same as last year. It’s natural for me to think that the new year will bring loads of good fortune my way and I can see everything in a whole new light, but for some reason it still remained the same.

That was until about a week ago. All of a sudden something clicked in me. If I wanted to see a change it had to be me that does it. Once I got into that mentality, things began to change. I had never felt more focused in my life.

It’s the little things that I have changed that I feel more happy about. For example, I have felt a little bit more overweight than I would like, I will link a blog post about it here. I have started to make changes to my regular routine and diet and I’m already starting to feel better about myself. One thing was I used to put myself down about it a lot about it. Recently I have accepted that I am this way but I am doing something to change it… so stop beating yourself up and move on. I get dressed and don’t criticise everything about myself and that positive outlook has made myself feel so much healthier and has given me less doom and gloom over my head.

Amongst other things in my life, me and Luke know always, that when we’re side by side, we will always see the light and we will always get through anything as long as we’re together.

Overall, I honestly expected this year to be no different, but to change my look on everything just ever so slightly, has made me feel a million times better than I ever did.



  1. January 28, 2018 / 1:03 pm

    its crazy that little changes to eating habits can make you feel so much better. i felt to bad around christmas and now that i’m back eating healthy and it feels so good.


    • January 29, 2018 / 10:47 am

      I’ve honestly never felt better. Christmas is always bittersweet! You can pig out as much as you want and then the January guilt looms over you haha. So glad you’re starting to feel better again!

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