A new week is upon us, and though this post is a little late (many apologies), I had such a fun-filled weekend and that had honestly made me feel so full of joy. Yesterday I was greeted with a migraine, so I spent most of the day napping and that wasn’t very fun. Hence the delay on this post this morning!

So the other day, my hometown awoke to the site of what appeared to be a Banksy painting. The questions swirled around my social media all day, until the artist himself confirmed it on his own Instagram here.

The joy that I felt for Hull that day was beautiful. I lived there my whole life, up until I turned 18 and went off to University in Birmingham, then when I graduated, I officially moved out.

I’m ashamed to say I only really went home once or twice after that, but I still hold that city dear to my heart. To see one of my childhood favourite artists had done a piece in my hometown really made me feel honoured to be from Hull, from some really strange reason!

I always had such a strong Hull accent, and everyone around me would beg me to say the word ‘no’, which in my accent is more like ‘nerrrr’, and now I no longer have as strong of an accent, I really, really miss it. It was the one thing that kept me bonded with the city, and after living in Birmingham and Liverpool, that accent has slowly started to disappear. While sometimes it can creep out, it’s nowhere near as strong as it used to be *sob*.

I always reflect back on my time in Hull, and how much I loved where I used to live. When I was younger I hated where I lived because the buses were so irregular, and the last but to town would be at 8:35 and the clubs didn’t normally open until 10:30, so it spent my night pre drinking in a bus station waiting for my friends – not very fun (I was that child that managed to get into clubs at 16 and my friends at college were all over 18, so this became the norm for me). Now I’m an adult, I loved the river side, and the giant green fields that surrounded the tiny little village that was my home.

Last year was pretty emotional, my mum decided she wanted to move on from my childhood home and made the very huge decision to move over to Liverpool and I’m so happy she did. I miss my home, but now I know that all I have are the good memories that I will never ever forget.

My dad still lives in Hull and I want to start visiting more and more, since it became City of Culture 2017, SO much more has changed and I’m not actually sure I will recognise the city that used to be my home! What else can I expect if I haven’t been there properly in 6 years?!




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