Good afternoon to you all! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday?! I normally celebrate it, but this year it will be a quiet one at home with me and thee, and a bottle of red wine. Pretty chill, but after all we have celebrated for the last few years and sometimes it’s nice to just spend a night off from all the usual shenanigans, light some candles, cook a lovely dinner together and watch films. How do you normally spend Valentine’s Day? I know some couples hate it, and it’s very easy to see why, but I do find myself caught up in the love and can’t help but celebrate this very cheesy tradition.

I used to love celebrating it with my gals too, when we were single and only had each other… honestly some of the best memories from back in the day!

I always find it very difficult to find an outfit and what is acceptable to wear for dates, so I have put some scenarios down below for where and what I would normally do for a date and the ideal outfit I would wear to each one.

Five outfits for five different types of date nights… Here we go…


outfit one

The gig date

One | Two | three | four | five | six | seven

For a gig, I always want to wear something comfy as you’re undoubtably standing for long periods at a time. You also want to make sure what you’re wearing isn’t going to be too hot or too cold because we all know gigs can get a lil sweaty every now and then. I thought this high-neck, long-sleeved dress was perfect for the occasion. The sheer fabric gives that sexy element to the look without trying too hard and the frills add a touch of girliness, the boots add a spot of jazziness and an edgier look to what would be quite dressy for the occasion. Paired with some gold jewellery to tie in the boots and a baker boy cap and you’re good to go! What I probably love most is the pop of blue with the cross body bag. It really makes the florals on the dress stand out and even better… its hands free! That means you can hold your beer in one hand, and your date’s hand in another, everything goes together hand in hand (wheyy) and I love that about this laid back glam look.

outfit two

The cinema date


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight

Now we all love a trip to the cinema, I used to have the Odeon Limitless card and it was probably the best purchase I have ever made! I bloody miss it loads. Now cinema dates are always a great option… although you don’t talk very much, it’s great for those nervous few or if you’ve been together for quite a while and just want to shut out their annoying conversation for a couple of hours 😉 joking! Cinema dates are one of my fave things to do. This look is completely chill, as we all need to be comfy while watching films! Although joggers won’t really cut it for date night, unfortunately. I LOVE the boots in this look, bringing some print to what would be a very simple outfit. Kitten heels are really making a come back, and I am all about that trend. They are the easiest piece to put on and instantly have that little bit of dressiness without the pain of wearing actual heels.

outfit three

The romantic dinner date



One | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Ok can we please appreciate this pink suit?! Look at how dreamy it is! It only costs the same as my rent for the month, so I will continue to dream for this bad boy… however, this would be my absolute go-to for an evening meal. Notice the elastic waist on the trousers? That’s a must when you’re consuming food haha. These trousers are cropped so the blue high boots will come to the perfect length on the leg. This really elongates the legs, as the trousers just skim over the boots, creating the illusion of tall legs. All tied together with silver accessories and the masculine scent, this outfit it probably my favourite of them all. It’s a tough call but I said it…


outfit four

The drinks date



one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight

Polka dot heaven!

A classic wide leg suit will take you a long way in life, especially when you’re wearing them together and even on their own. They’re such a versatile wardrobe essential that we should all have. This is very monochromatic, so the pop of red with the shoes is a must. I would definitely pair this outfit with a red lipstick too to tie it all together. The heels are quite low, so if you’re going from bar to bar, you can be comfortable when walking, unless you’re getting taxis everywhere then you’re a lucky devil for the night. This is very simple but makes such a statement so is therefore a classic, in my opinion!



The stay at home and cook together date



one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

When you stay at home, it’s so easy to want to get into your comfies and chill on the sofa with a takeaway, but let’s pretend we’re making an effort for each other and you’re cooking food. This could be a first date as well, so you need to dress cute. I voted for slides because you can whip them off quickly and easily when it’s time to move over to the sofa to watch a film with some popcorn under a blanket. The outfit, is casual yet chic at the same time. I can understand not a lot of people would wear this on a date, but for me this is ideal if we were doing something at home, cooking or baking etc!







    • February 12, 2018 / 9:56 pm

      Thanks girl!! I know it’s one of my faves too! So totally comfy yet stylish which we absolutely need 😍😍

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