So yesterday I wrote a post, and I decided to scrap it this morning. It was god awful, and I didn’t really make any sense with what I was saying. It was just a huge blip, so if you read it, pretend that you didn’t and let’s all move on haha.

Instead, I want to write a post for someone who makes me feel things I didn’t know I could.

This post is dedicated to a man that hasn’t been in my life for very long. In fact, I first heard about this man at the wonderful, glorious festival that is Glastonbury. It was in 2016 when my boyfriend Luke realised he was playing and we rushed to the tent to see him. I had no idea what to expect, as I had never heard any of his songs, but Luke was adamant I would love him. He was right.

I’m not entirely sure how I hadn’t heard of him until 2016, and I am so mad at myself for not knowing about him earlier, but I have in fact listened to him every day since that day at Glastonbury, so maybe I have made up for lost time?

I’ve just realised I haven’t mentioned who it is. It is of course the one and only, Beans On Toast. Yup. If you know him, you’ll know why I love him so much. Real name – Jay McAllister, he sings about love, drugs, politics and everything that matters. Real life shit that everyone can relate to in some way or another.

I love his views on life and the way he translates everything into song, he’s a fun positive energy and so charismatic that he beams happiness when you’re around him. The photos below were taken when I saw him in Liverpool at Constellations in November 2016.

The canvas that you can see above mine and Luke’s bed is a personal hand written note from the man himself. We got a blank canvas and he wrote it for us there and then. Such cool handwriting, right?


We also bought a pre drawn canvas which says ‘Stand Up For What is Right’… they’re both here in Budapest with us, and I don’t think we’ll travel anywhere without them. They make us feel at home wherever we are and they are one of the best things we own.

Whenever me and Luke are feeling down about anything, we put him on and we are just dancing and singing around the kitchen, laughing and we feel better almost immediately. Having an artist that we both mutually love brings us that little bit closer and music has a way of catching memories. His music in particular knows how to capture what we’re feeling in that exact moment. It’s a amazing if not a little spooky.

He is currently on tour around Germany and i’m praying he comes to Budapest in the near future. Hint hint… COME TO BUDAPEST.


I was going to list my top ten favourite songs, but it’s so hard to limit it down, so I’ve pushed it to fifteen… even that was hard. I’ve even added my favourite lyrics from each song (even harder)!

1 The Art Of Friendship

“He has a way with colors, that’s timeless and wise and looking at his work makes me feel happy I’m alive. I know that that sounds cheesy, but I promise that it’s true, and anyways isn’t that what art’s supposed to do?”

“The art is in the friendship, the friendship in the art. Create a reason to create, if nothing it’s a start”

“We may have lived on other sides of the globe, but we always stayed in touch that’s the art of friendship folks”

I like this song… as you can tell!

2 We Made It To The Waterfall

All the lyrics to this song basically because it reminds me of Luke and me.

“Let’s go on an adventure, you can quit your job and we’ll find a waterfall on the other side of the world, because you make me feel foolish, you make me feel free, and we’re always at our best in each other’s company”

3 The Great American Novel

“I didn’t come in here to win – I just came in for a drink”

4 The War On War

“Well we’re always told to remember, remember and never forget about World War One and World War Two and the tragedy and death that came with that. We keep it in our classrooms and we embed it in our minds as if it was an achievement for human kind. Well what if we teach something different and what if we talk of the times when humans succeeded in living together without going out of their minds. And what if we teach about hope and of kind generosity. Understanding that everyone lives here together and everyone’s got the same needs”

5 I’m Home When You Hold Me

“When we both get a Sunday at home I love, it’s the best day for the both of us, I know I’ve been away a lot this year, just promise me you’ll understand, that my home is here. I don’t mean in this flat or on this sofa, i’m home when I hold ya”

6 God Is A Cartoonist

“Well personally I think that all religions are bullshit, out of date propaganda, might’ve been useful way back in the day, but right now they don’t mean diddlysquats. We don’t need a messiah, we need to look around and see that the world is in a mess”

7 The Chicken Song

“Well I’m not saying that I am a vegetarian, shit I eat chicken with the best of them, it just feels like the whole thing could end in a disaster, the way tings generally do when you fuck with mother nature. Well the chicken gonna get their revenge one day, you just wait and see, they’ll be a giant monster hybred chicken that eats humans for tea and it’ll break out of the warehouse, and it’ll roam the earth and eat all you motherfuckers with peri peri sauce”

8 The Drum Kit

“And a noise complaint from a neighbour, holds a lot of weight. It don’t matter how many people think your club nights great”

9 Money for War

“There’s always money for the war, no money for the doctors, no money for the nurses or the NHS, no money for the teachers, there’s no money for the people on benefits, even if you’re disabled, a young mother that’s struggling to buy food, it don’t mater if you’re desperate, there’s no money for you, there’s just money for war”

10 Can’t Get A Gig At Glastonbury
(Because of the circumstances of where I first discovered him)

“Glastonbury festival is changing. They got a new system in place, everyone’s gotta wear a barcode, wrapped around their wrist and in order to get a ticket you must register yourself with a photograph, proof of address and a proportion of your wealth”

11 2016

“They were singing in the street when David Bowie passed away, and he left behind a message without a shadow of a doubt, stand up for what is right, stand up for it now”

12 A Whole Lot of Loving

“But i’m not worried about the worries of the world anymore, i’m gonna get in the jacuzzi. I wish that everybody would just chill the fuck out, and get busy, being happy”

13 Down The Pub

“All the best ideas I had, I had when I was drunk. A pint of Dutch courage and a glass of wine with lunch. Half empty half full, honey get another round”

14 Afternoon in the Sunshine

“We all wanna live, we all wanna laugh, we all wanna love and we all wanna dance, so let’s put our problems aside, spend an afternoon in the sunshine”

15 Things

“I try to be nice and enjoy myself and I take things in my stride, I see the poetry and the simple things that happen in my life. And I believe in love and family and trusting in my friends, believe in myself but I also know that I don’t know everything. So I don’t take things too seriously and I like to play the fool, I understand the best things in life, aren’t things at all”

Wherever I am, I always introduce new people to his music. I like to think that I have helped in someway return the favour, after all the joy he has brought into my life, I want to bring awareness to other people too. I love finding that people love him as much as I do and that they end up listening to him more and more.

If you haven’t heard any of his songs, listen to them. I can guarantee that you will relate to at least one.

So Beans, if in some way you actually end up reading this, thank you.

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  1. March 8, 2018 / 6:42 pm

    I love Glastonbury, it’s my favourite festival! I haven’t heard of this guy, Beans on Toast but I’m going to go find him on Spotify now as you are very passionate about his music.
    Lovely post

    Katie xx

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