Well guys, this is a post I never thought I would be writing so soon. To be honest with you, it’s one I never wanted to write at all, especially not in these circumstances and especially not for where we have ended up. I have been putting all of this off for long enough and it’s about time I owe you guys an explanation. Those of you asking where I am and if I am ok, it really means the world to me that you’re so concerned. Thank you for standing by my side through this. I never thought I would have received so much love!

As my blog started due to an unplanned move to another country, that adventure has now sadly come to an end.

On the 28th March, the magic of our new life came crashing down. I say that with a light heart, as it only felt like this for a short period of time. Around an hour if I’m being truthful. We realised we couldn’t stay in Budapest with the income we were promised (it was all a lie and if you would like to know what happened I would love to do another post, explaining the job and why if you’re considering applying, you should avoid it at all costs).

My dad ended up coming for a trip planned before Christmas, so we knew we had to stay until they had left. Meaning our flights were on the 10th March. Giving us a full week to fit in all the proper touristy sites that we had longed to see in the summer.

I am writing this post from bed, in our new home, with Luke by my side reassessing where we want our next steps to take us. We are thinking even bigger than last time and honestly, it’s super exciting.

A lot more is on the horizon, and I am so excited to share everything with you!

Looking back on the photos I took from my last week, I am not sad that I left at all. I felt our time in Budapest was fulfilled to the max, and that if we stayed longer, our time would somehow be tainted. Does that make any sense? It may not, as i’m not really sure how to put it into words. But what I am trying to say is that I am ok that we are no longer there. We are now in the countryside, and we are absolutely lovely living in silence. No traffic, no sirens and no people. It’s utter bliss!

For now, the blog will share with you the little secrets of the UK and what can be seen from our doorstep. As well as a few other little bits and bobs thrown into the mix!

Once our other plans start to come to life, I will be sharing them on here and also our process of getting there. We are giving ourselves a timeline of 6-12 months and I think that’s achievable (I say quite hesitantly but also reassuringly – haha).

I hope you are all excited for the new journey i’m about to go on and I hope you are all ready for the new content!

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