I cannot believe how good the weather has been int he UK lately. If it continues, I am going to have to completely update my summer wardrobe. At the moment I can get away with wearing Autumn pieces, but the random heat waves that keep coming our way mean that I am struggling to dress for the weather. This is good and bad for me, because it means I get to go shopping, but my bank balance does not agree in the slightest.

One thing that annoys me most about the UK, is that you get a week of really good weather, followed by 3 weeks of rain. So it’s a tough choice to decide to spend money on something you can’t really wear that much. I still like to look for new pieces, and this is my summer dresses wish list. Right now, Zara are really killing it giving me MAJOR Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman vibes and I want everything.

Let’s get started…

Monki £50

I actually found this dress by looking for Bridesmaid dresses for an old friend. I immediately fell in love, and luckily, she hasn’t chosen this one for the wedding, so it’s definitely going to be my dress for the big day and I’m so excited. Unless another comes up before, but I doubt it will…


Flynn Skye $176


Zara £39.99

How amazing is this dress?! Pretty woman eat your heart out! I actually have the dress Julia Roberts wore in the film (the one in the photo) as my mum had it stored in the loft. Once she moved house, I dug it out and grabbed it to come home with me. It’s a little small, so I need to do some work to get into it, but I don’t think I will ever get rid of it!


Free People $198

Major major boho chic vibes going on, and the perfect festival dress.


Zara £29.99

I’ve saved the absolute best till last. Oh my goodness. I need this dress. Major bonus, it’s only £30!!! Think I may need to go to my local Zara and pick this baby up.

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