So the first week of December may almost be over but I am so surprised at how many people I still see buying Christmas trees?! So this one is for you if you are still amongst these crazy folk that loves to leave the most important part to the last minute. The tree is thee most exciting part about Christmas, so it’s only right you buy the best for you. Every tree is individual and every family has one that suits them, and this place I am about to introduce you to, has one for EVERYONE. No joke!

The Sheffield Christmas Tree Company is the BEST. Travis and Lynn welcomed myself and Luke in with open arms and immediately we knew we would find a tree there. I mean, the thousands of trees you see when you approach through the narrow path definitely gave us a hint too.

We never really knew what we wanted, but when we saw the contrast of the Blue Spruce against the fresh green of the Nordman Fir, we knew we wanted to go blue. So off we went to the Blue Spruce field were there were no joke hundreds and hundreds of trees to choose from! All different heights and widths and colours and fullness, it was so hard to choose, but we eventually found the one we wanted to take home. This is the best bit, they let you pay and take it home later so they can cut it down, but because we went a little bit smaller, Travis cut it down for us on the day!

He walked us back to the log cabin which they made from recycled shipping containers (kudos to them!) we got inside where we got to stand in front of an amazing log fire and look around the Christmas shop they have inside.

It was definitely hard to pull me away from here, I could have fallen asleep it was so toasty. The Christmas decorations did happen to grab my attention though and I couldn’t resist a little shop around. There were so many little trinkets and baubles and ornaments that just make everything feel so super christmassy!

If you don’t need any baubles for your brand new tree (which lest be honest everybody needs an additional bauble or two each year) there’s a coffee shop just around the corner (yes, in the same log cabin, so you don’t need to venture too far away from the log fire goodness!).

Something we only realised at the very end was that they even have ponies there! Each year they do something different, such as reindeers! It’s such a nice little touch for the kids and families and you can even feed them if it’s feeding time.

Me and Luke definitely made the most of the activities while our tree was getting cut down…

Then we realised our tree was ready to get packed up, so I was right there with the guys who were super kind and even took a photo of me with our new tree baby! They were super helpful and they all work so hard in the freezing cold. That very morning the rain really poured it down and they were all out there chopping down trees and packing them up ready for collection from their new families!

I honestly couldn’t recommend this place enough, we only found it by chance and it’s in such a picturesque location and honestly is the ultimate day out for the family while choosing the perfect tree for you. They have miles or trees and are even introducing golf buggies to take people further up the fields as it’s so far away. I couldn’t even see the very last trees as they went on for miles but oh i’m so excited to go again next year and make this a Christmas tradition!

We are so so happy with our new tree and we want to say a very big thank you to the whole crew over at The Sheffield Christmas Tree Company and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and an even bigger Happy New Year! We can’t wait to start joining you all annually and getting the very best tree each year!

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