Ahhh, the old ‘i’ve been busy and not myself so this is why I haven’t posted in a while’ kinda post. Here I am… again!

.This time it’s hopefully the last. I want to crack down and start posting about what I get up to and most of all just my ramblings! My time in Budapest felt much easier and more natural to blog about than my time on home soil for some really strange reason? Not that I’m not happy to be home it just definitely felt very different over there!Maybe the fact that everything is brand new and there’s a whole new world of possibilities to explore and loads more stunning backdrops than there are here in Sheffield. However I am definitely ready to crack on and it’s time for me to make the most of what I have got.

This is my official welcome back to the world post, considering I tried in December and then somehow fell off the face of the earth again but hey ho let’s not dwell on that! It’s the past now and this is a new year *cringe*.

2019 is here and so am I!

*Insert memo about the fact that January is actually a trial month and the year doesn’t actually start until February*

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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