This is definitely one of those posts where I’m trying to encourage myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel but for some reason I feel like it may actually be in reach.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about her time juicing for one week only, and the insane benefits she saw from it. So here I am willing to give it ago. The day she told me about it I was very skeptical thinking that juicing only gives the sugars from the fruit that you add, but I was quickly knocked back by other facts that you actually only use 80/90% veg in your juice which does make an awful lot of sense. The other being that the lack of digesting your body does means it’s easier for the juice to provide nutrients.

Anyway, after i’d say around, half an hour of researching? Not long at all I know but hey I am here for a quick fix aren’t I… I bought a juicer and it got delivered the next day. Love u Amazon Prime x.

I am here to start my juice reboot and hopefully, get the body I would like for my holiday. I don’t have much time at all. I have 7.5 weeks. I’m hoping I will lose at least 2 stone from this, just juicing alone and a sprinkle of exercise. Rock climbing to be precise.

Will I succeed or will this be a total flop?

I have no idea but I hope the former.

I’d love to at least be a little bit slimmer and lighter for my holiday and actually feel comfortable in a bikini on the beach. I’m currently weighing a hefty amount for my heigh and I am considered to be overweight according to my BMI, so before the holiday I will share my final weight and see how much I actually lose on juice alone.

Wish me luck!

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