Where do I begin?

In my 23 years in this world, I can only recall running away from one thing in my life. Correction, not away, running to something… someone, in fact. With that being easily one of the best decisions I have made, I knew I could do it again, only this time I would be by his side.

Why the label of a runaway you may ask? If I am with someone who makes me so confident, why would I possibly be labelling it as running away?

Well, I did exactly that. I dropped everything.

In one afternoon I decided to join him there and then, instead of waiting the two or so weeks in which I was meant to do. I packed my bags and the next morning we were on the flight together, side by side and ready to start our brand new life together.

As I was not expecting to leave until a few weeks later, none of this actually felt real, nor was it actually happening. When we landed, we scurried to the luggage carousel and grabbed our insane amount of cases (we are moving to a new country of course, and a girl still needs her shoes!) popped them onto two trolleys, and headed for a taxi. Both in awe as we travelled into the city centre, we still couldn’t believe we had done what we had always spoken about doing.

I’m sure I can vouch for everyone here, that when you move to another city, the first thing you do is change your current location on Instagram, Facebook etc… doing this immediately made it feel real. I live in Budapest. BUDAPEST! I honestly do not think that will ever get old.

The three things for me which are important when moving location;

Step 1 – Get here

Step 2 – Get an apartment 

Step 3 –  Adventure!

Ok I’ll admit, I still have a lot of adventuring to do. I felt getting an apartment was the safe way to start out.. AirBnb is just not cutting it for me anymore and I have been here for 6 days. I can’t live out of a suitcase anymore… my clothes need to be free!

Once I am settled and unpacked, then the real adventuring will begin – and so will the work.

My current office is a little cafe over the road from where my partner works, and it has amazing coffee, free WIFI and reletively comfy seats, it’s 1000000% comfier than the damp AirBnb we are currently residing in. Eugh.


Stay tuned…










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