For those who are actually reading my blog, not sure if there is actually anyone, but if you are there, then hello again and thank you for returning after I appeared to neglect this space.

Last week was suppose to be one of the most productive weeks here, and then my laptop charger decided to flunk out on me and break. I could’ve cried. Not only did I have 22% left to scurry the web and find the cheapest alternative in Budapest, but the results were just not cooperating and I didn’t want to have to take out a mortgage to buy a new one.

I’m not being stingy, it’s just I can’t exactly afford to throw money around everywhere since the big move over here and we are trying to save for more important things, like food.

Anyhow, the next day my wonderful partner found one on Amazon and got it shipped over from the UK. Due to arrive only in two days it was perfect, and cheap. Yes a fake charger, but I will buy a real one when I am not so poor.

*enter the iconic Bridesmaids “Help Me, I’m Poor” GIF*

It. Did. Not. Arrive.

I waited all day for this god damn charger to arrive, and it didn’t. Checking the tracking every 10 minutes, it eventually said that the delivery would be delayed, but not by how much. The whole day I checked until it finally notified me that it would be delayed by approximately a day. This meaning that it could be TWO DAYS late if it wanted to be.

Luckily for myself it did end up arriving mid day on Friday, so I met up with Luke and had celebratory bruschetta and pizza. Mmm, I really want this again it was so so good.

So that’s where I have been… unintentionally not here due to the lack of power my charger decided to give off one Monday morning, which started a week of internal boredom and misery.



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