Like many others, these boots are always on my feet. I feel they’re more of a dressy boot, but I am trying to break them out into daytime wear. I also have them in pink, but I feel they’re a bit more tricky to style in the day time!

It’s quite funny actually, on this day I was walking around like this with my legs out, and everyone else around me were wrapped up with big Winter coats, scarfs and gloves. It wasn’t even cold. For comparison, the weather was like an early Autumn day in the UK. It’s safe to say, I had a few stares.

Today, Taylor Swift dates got announced for the UK and i’m certain she is going to add more dates. She can’t just play three days over in the UK?! Even so… I am going to try my absolute hardest to get tickets and fly home to see her. No matter what it takes!!

Tay Tay is Bae… Sorry, Luke.



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