As you can see, my blog has had an upgrade!

A couple of weeks ago, Laura from Blogerize contacted myself for the opportunity to work together and give my blog the makeover it deserved. It was definitely lacking what it has now and with that I jumped at the opportunity.

I told Laura and the team exactly what I wanted to see from my blog, along with all the extras and then they got to work. Within a couple of days I got my new personalised blog design back and I am SO happy with the results.

Of course, as I am very new to blogging, I am not the best when it comes to the technicalities. So when it turned out that part of the process required me to switch over from one host to another, Laura and the team took over and made everything seamless and easy for me.

Along with my many questions, Laura was quick to respond to my every need, whether it was late in the evening or on the weekend, I couldn’t be more thankful to have her working on this with me.

If this is something you are looking to do and want help with your blog design, or you want to know more about Blogerize, click here!



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