I literally haven’t taken this hat off since it’s been cold enough to wear it. You’ll probably start to see on my Instagram that hats are now a more common thing to see. They vary between my beret, baker boy cap and my beanie. They are all on rotation and will all make an appearance at some point or other, unless my hair is shoved up in a bun for ease. Which is more often than not.

IMG_1154IMG_1151IMG_1146IMG_1156With it being so hot for such a long time, it’s actually amazing to feel the cold come through. Which is weird because for anyone who knows me, knows that I really hate cold weather and Winter, so I have no idea why this year it is different.

I’m feeling so much more magical too. I am always excited for Christmas, but this year I am SUPER excited. In a new country, experiencing Christmas for the first time in a new culture and seeing everything in a different atmosphere.


The baker boy hat shown can be found anywhere, this one was purchased two years ago and it is still going strong, but now they can be found in almost any shop you go in on the high street.



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