So my love affair with Taylor Swift started as far back as 2008. I was 14 at the time, the prime age for discovering boys and also… MSN.

I laugh thinking about this right now, but I was the kind of teenage girl who put a song on her ‘listening to’ or put song lyrics in the personal message section. One song in particular was Taylor Swift – Love Story. It’s super cringe thinking back now because I only put that on there so my crush would see it!

A few years later, Taylor released another couple of albums and I just kind of stuck with it… I wasn’t always as huge of a fan as I am now. I got older and my music taste turned to bands and gigs, so the group of people I hung around with never really listened to her.

Fast forward to 2014, and she releases 1989, the album that made her who she is today. Giving everyone who gave her shit the big thumbs up. I was so shocked when this album came out, and it immediately became my most listened to album. Luke now knows all of the words to Taylor because I just don’t stop playing her music, he secretly loves her to.

Today, my wonderfully amazing boyfriend managed to get tickets to see Taylor in Manchester!! I was trying for London, but all of the tickets were seated FAR away and the pit was extremely impossible to get tickets for. Luke managed to bag extremely great seats for Manchester so i’m super happy and I couldn’t be more grateful to him. I think he is a little excited too so that makes it even better.


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