My internet is broken and apparently it won’t be back on for a few more days. Since Saturday we have endured the ‘no internet’ life, which is even more difficult as my phone at the very best, only gets 3G signal.

We decided to venture out to the nearest Starbucks and I did not dress for the weather. It happened to be snowing as we stepped out which was really quite nice.

 The trouble is, our apartment happens to be on the ground floor inside a courtyard, so we get absolutely zero sunlight and that also means we cannot see what the weather is like. With that, comes the struggle of dressing myself to suit the weather.

That’s how I ended up with this outfit on a day that was a lot colder than I had predicted. I didn’t even wear a scarf or gloves… terrible move!

Luckily this day only consisted of the coffee shop to do some work (as well as download films and tv shows) and then round the corner to grab a burger before scurrying home in the snow to get wrapped up in a duvet with a hot water bottle.

While still suffering without internet, I clicked a few ‘unlocked’ WIFI names in hope that one would be a neighbour and I could use it slyly, and I was in luck, there was one that was actually a hotspot, and I could pay for data for the day or the week.

I was slightly worried as I had so much work to do but now i’m struggling to focus on work and instead just rinse Netflix! It’s easily done…

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