For those of you who are interested in knowing the little weird details about me, here are 31 facts for everyday of December to get you in the loop.

  1. My full name is Lauren Elizabeth Basford.
  2. I’m always cold. It’s very annoying.
  3. I have three tattoos and counting. ‘Rebel’ on my left forearm (the first half of “Rebel, Rebel”. My partner has the second half), a line        on my right forearm, and ‘I wanna be adored’ on my ribs.
  4. My favourite food is hot dogs.
  5. My favourite smell is red onion and garlic cooking in a pan.
  6. I cry at any film. No matter what it is, I will be crying at some point. Mainly those to do with love and friendships lasting forever.
  7. I have a slight case of OCD. If someone touches my arm, they need to touch the other one so it’s even… etc. Little crazy, I know.
  8. I HATE sneezing.
  9. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, used to be a guilty pleasure but now it’s not so guilty.
  10. I can’t sit cross legged.
  11. I also can’t click my fingers or whistle.
  12. The plan is to build a house in a van and travel the world.
  13. I’m scared of the sound of loud balls near me. Cricket, baseball, football.. anything that sounds too loud scares me.
  14. I can’t drive.
  15. Truth means more to me than anything.
  16. I have less than 5 friends.
  17. I’m addicted to Diet Coke.
  18. The sound needs to be on a 5 or a 0. I will allow even numbers if the volume is not quite loud/quiet enough.
  19. I hate getting my hair done in the hairdressers as they never get it right. I always go straight home to wash and style it myself.
  20. I love to have my face massaged. Sometimes just my eyebrows and eyelids.
  21. I was 13 when I got my first job.
  22. I’m from a wonderful city, Kingston Upon Hull in Yorkshire.
  23. I was lucky enough to have my graduate collection shown at Graduate Fashion Week 2015.
  24. I used to hate Pizza… don’t worry, I now love it.
  25. I always wanted a cat until I found out I was severely allergic *cry*.
  26. I binge TV shows, a lot. I have watched Vampire Diaries 7 times. It’s my favourite.
  27. I panic when I can’t find something and then I find it .1 second later and go straight back to normal. This happens more than I would like to admit.
  28. I’m forever scared that my teeth will fall out, I have at least one nightmare a week about it happening to me.
  29. I think this fear is due to chipping my bottom front tooth on a Cadbury Cream Egg in 2012.
  30. I happen to really dislike Rosé wine.
  31. I am terrible with children. I never know what do, say or how to act around them.

I made it. 31 facts about myself for everyday in December.

I’d love to know if anyone else suffers with any of the above or if I am just a giant weirdo?

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