I’ll tell you something, there’s no greater feeling than when you get in and out of the shower when you feel absolutely awful. Is it just me or?

On Saturday I woke up in the worst pain. What had happened to me?? I legit could not move my neck or move anywhere, I tried to get back to sleep but not even 10 minutes later I was awake in pain. This went on for a good few hours until I finally (accidentally) woke up Luke with my agonising screeches.

Well, it only went downhill from here… I could not pick myself up, sniff my nose, or even sneeze without wanting to be put out of my misery. I thought a couple of extra strong painkillers would see me through, but I was definitely wrong about that.

I crashed on the sofa all day and did not move an inch, not out of choice either, I literally couldn’t move, if I did I would scream. We ended up having a film day, instead of the weekend we had originally planned. In all fairness, despite the obvious pain, it was a really good day.

The dread of horror as I awoke the next day.

I got in the shower… I stayed under the hottest setting just standing there scared to lift my arms up to wash my hair, it eased it. I was actually able to move, slightly more stiff and robotic compared to normal, but I could physically do things!

The shower, along with a few good ol’ stretches and painkillers worked wonders!

I got dressed, and grabbed Luke, heading straight for an Italian restaurant around the corner from us. I was so happy that the whole weekend wasn’t such a waste. Not that it really matters, the Christmas holidays start this Thursday for us, so it’s going to be 3 weeks of adventures from then!




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