It’s probably a little bit soon to talk about what I love and don’t love about living in another country, but this is what I have felt about the process so far.

Like moving to anywhere, whether it be down the road, another city, for university, a job or a loved one, it’s always going to come with difficulties, but the rewards are always high.

I have been here for just under three months, but it feels like no time at all. I try to adventure as much as possible, but with us both working and the sun setting at 3:30pm in the winter, it’s a little time restricted and that only leaves us with the weekend. We try so hard to go out when we’re not working, but we are human and sometimes we do just want to sit on the sofa and relax.

Recently, we have been discovering the city at night. I think that’s when the city is most beautiful, the lights on the buildings bring them to life.

That brings us to number 1 of the five things I love about Budapest.

The buildings. I’m so used to living in grand cities where all you need to do is look up at the buildings to see their beauty. Whether that’s Hull, Birmingham (has some gorgeous buildings) or Liverpool, I have always noticed the beauty of my surroundings and never taken them for granted. With those cities, the contrast of modern and traditional has a great balance and it is full of new and old everywhere you look. There could be a really old warehouse, with a brand new block of flats next door, and I loved that contrast.

Here, that’s not what you get. Everything is old, the buildings are traditional and of course, absolutely beautiful. You can’t help but walk by and think “What has this building seen? What has it been through?”. I can just tell it has a grand story to tell and that’s what I love about them so much. It’s so full of history without trying too hard.

The second thing I love is how unbelievably cheap it is. Rent, food, beer… in certain places you can get a pint of beer for under a pound! It’s unreal. With that, you can of course expect Hen and Stag parties by the bus load on weekends. It’s really heartwarming seeing people having a good time in a city you can now say is your new home.

Next is reason number 3. I love the freedom and art that surrounds the streets. No matter where you look you can see art, and with it being painted everywhere, there’s so much to take in and to see. I walk down the street so relaxed, with a big smile on my face listening to music feeling free. I always felt trapped in the UK, never really enjoying where I was travelling too. There is real comfort in knowing where you are, and knowing the streets like the back of your hand, but there’s something a lot more exciting about not knowing where the street you turn down will take you next.

This one is a love hate feeling. The people. I have had such a mixed review of the people since I arrived in the country, and it’s not one I am 100% sure on just yet. There’s something very beautiful about the people of Hungary, but they are also very angry towards us. I understand that this can be their culture, but we’re not the only ones here to notice that. This is just my opinion, and like I said before, it is a very mixed view.

For example, some people we have met here, are willing to go out of their way to ensure we get the help we need. Whether that’s a direction to somewhere, translating language, making us feel welcome, or offering a short term fix to a simple mistake. These are the people I absolutely love. They’re the most genuine people I have ever met here.

On the other end of the scale, there are those who just hate us as soon as we smile at them. They roll their eyes at everything we say, they don’t offer to help and they refuse to speak to us. There’s the scammers… Of course this does happen in every country, but here it feels a little more personal. The one thing I hate the most is when we are asking for help, (this one time happened in a restaurant when they refused to bring over a menu, simply because we were sat in the wrong area and none of them came over to correct us. Saying they would bring over a menu but continued to act like we weren’t sat there) and they speak in Hungarian under their breath (of course an insult), laughing, while we are stood right in front of them. In any culture that is just rude.

And finally, before this turns into a Five things I dislike about Budapest post, is that there is always something to do no matter what your budget is! You can walk everywhere, or get a tram for under a pound and see the whole city. Most of the attractions here are free and you can see them all for free, of course there are fees to be paid if you wish to enter these buildings, but just admiring them for their exterior is good enough for me.

Congrats on sticking with me through that. I could have gone on to discuss 10 things that I love, but the post is already getting too lengthy. Is that something you like from my posts or do you prefer them short and sweet with lots of pictures?

Do let me know if you would like to see the other 5 things I love, or even 5 things I don’t love (sneak peak above haha!) Or let me know if there anything else Budapest related that you would love to read about? Maybe a post on a certain location? I’d love to hear suggestions and make it happen for you guys! 🙂

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