Please forgive me. I am really struggling to find things to write about so close to Christmas! I am just sipping on red wine and all I can think about is getting a little merry. I was very silly to not have all of this drafted up, but with Luke finishing work a week earlier, we just wanted to spend all the time together and ended up leaving the posts until the last minute!

It’s still not cold cold yet here in Budapest, but it’s definitely not warm enough to get away without wearing a bra. I made this mistake earlier when I went out. The days here are always very mild. They’re a low temperature, but because the city gets a serious lack of wind, it doesn’t feel as cold as it would if we were in the UK. That is until nightfall of course. As soon as the sun sets around 3pm, it suddenly gets very brisk.

Unless I am going out for a long walk, I can normally get away with wearing something simple, paired with a sweatshirt or a knitted jumper/cardigan. For example, doing a food shop, or going to the coffee shop nearby are the places where I can wear reasonably cool things. I hate getting completely wrapped up because I always, without fail get so uncomfortably hot because of all the walking i’m doing! Plus there’s nothing worse than going into a boiling hot shopping centre or shop and you’re all layered up trapped under a scarf and hat! Am I right?!

These Marks and Spencer’s trousers are soooo thin that they’re not very practical for the winter, but we always sacrifice warmth for style 😉

All pieces linked below… some items may be out of stock! Alternatives linked where possible 🙂

Shoes: Ego Offical 

Trousers: Marks and Spencer Alternative: Pretty Little Thing

Sweatshirt: H&M Mens

Earrings: ASOS

Baker Boy Hat: eBay

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