It’s that time of the year again to make a list of what you would like to change and most likely, always fail in 3 months time.

For 2018, the few personal changes I would like to see would be;

1. less swearing in conversations. I have a full blown potty mouth and it is about time I cut back. It’s become something I don’t like about myself, so let’s see if this is something I actually manage to stick with.

2. stick to a diet and workout regime – lol at this one. I’m sure this is one for everyone, it’s pretty much mine every year but for once it is actually something I am interested in seeing through until the end!

3. make more time for others. This one is something I never really needed to work on until now, but I feel since moving away, I have lost touch with some people closest to me.

4. save, save, save for future adventures. After always lusting over the idea of going travelling, actually moving abroad has made this feel possible.

I hope I can actually stick to them for a full year, but then again I failed this years drastically within the first month.

What’s on your list?




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