The first working week of the year is over, and I cannot believe how it has dragged so much. I thought it was only Thursday today. My days are still all muddled up!

Recently, I have been thinking more and more about home, in the UK and about all of the little things I catch myself missing. Most of the time it’s silly things like what brand of milk I want to buy, but then my mind wanders to what I had.

Don’t get me wrong here, this move is most definitely not something I regret doing. I would do it over and over again in a heartbeat if I got the chance too. I am currently sitting in an apartment that we rushed to get because jumping from AirBnB’s just wasn’t quite cutting it for us and we wanted a place to be for Christmas. This apartment is something we thought we wanted, but in hindsight, it’s really not what we expected it to be. Looking through rose tinted glasses on the day of the visit and immediately putting down a deposit, is not something I am willing to do again next time.

I am actually considering making a checklist for the next visit, to ensure that the flat is to the standard that we would like, and all cost efficient too.

I find it pretty funny really. I used to take food shopping for granted, but it is actually something we don’t really think about. We can run into the shop and immediately know what it is we are picking up. What brand it is, what knock off brand it is, see something and we know that we like the taste. Here, it is so much different. I have to examine the product, is that what it looks like? Will that taste like that other one we used to buy back home? Is that yoghurt or cheese?!

I am all for trying new cultures and new foods, it’s all we have done since being here, but there’s a few home bits that I still want but cannot have. For example, they don’t sell bacon here. Bacon. They sell a type of bacon, but I just want the simple back bacon. Baked beans, don’t do those. Dairy Milk, none of that here. I just want a few home necessities that I know and love.

Other than the food, which is a main priority for me, let’s face it… I do miss my old flat. We built it up from nothing, had our dream furniture in there, and sold it all super quick and under value. I miss sprawling out on our corner sofa, watching films on the big tv, and then coming together at the end of the day and dining on an actual dining table. The little things like that are what I find myself missing more. How I used to have it.

Since thinking more about what I used to have, it has got me proudly looking to the future. I can spend all day looking back at what I had and miss it, but I don’t ever want to think what I have done as a regret, because it most definitely isn’t. Life is all about adventure, and that is all I see when I look at how far I have come here. Looking back at what we had, is only giving me more motivation to know that I can do it again in the future, in a better place, and become better from it.

Everyone in life has plans, and I think people get so caught up in sticking to their plan that they forget life always gets in the way no matter what. I don’t understand how people can have the next 5 years of their life planned out, when I have no idea what is going to happen in the next 5 days.

I genuinely, honestly, thought I had it made in the old flat. Until I left, then I realised how bad that place was for me, getting too cocky with my own money, thinking I could afford to upkeep a flat that costs more than what I first anticipated, and then having the task of filling it up with furniture because we wanted to make it ours.

I can look at what I should have done, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be here in Budapest writing this post, looking back at all the mistakes, and being so utterly happy about where I am in life right now.

Life has a plan for you, so let it take you where it wants.








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