I have always had a burden about what colour jewellery I prefer to wear. I first started off in love with Silver, but then that quickly disintegrated and I honestly thought my love affair was over and I had settled in a deep and loving relationship with gold.

This lasted for around 8 years, until one day, I decided I thought gold was the tackiest out of the two. Silver was back on my radar and like a broken record, I was back onto pining over silver. I never thought it would happen, but it did. I have been in love with silver ever since. The shiny bright gold really made me feel sick, I really didn’t like it anymore.

That is until 2017… when rusty gold became a thing. Now this is when it gets confusing and my mind begins to flicker and it doesn’t know what to do. I can feel the cogs turning inside my brain at the confusion that I was so adamant about my distain of gold and how could I now think it was nice?!

Well, apparently, I do think it’s nice. Not for jewellery, but for photo frames, plant pots, studding on handbags, I grew to love the rusty gold look. All of the interiors that have bits of gold flashing through, I am all for it.

I still wear silver jewellery no matter what, but who knows if I will wander to the gold side once more? Will this back and forth happen to me forever? Do we always change our mind like this? Absolutely certain we no longer like something, yet it can pop back up into your life and as if you have never seen it before, you begin to grow to like it.

I don’t think i’m mentally prepared to see this happen again. I may just start wearing both. That can’t be so bad.





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