I’ve not done a beauty review here on The British Runaway before, which is why i’m excited to bring you this as my first product review!

The guys over at Eyewake sent this product over to me and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Eyewake prides itself on having the ability to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. With that, this does retail at what I think is a very hefty price for the amount of product you get. You get a 30ml tube for £34.95 or two bottles for £50. This is edging towards high end value, however I personally feel the packaging and appearance is not quite on par making this over priced for myself.

Another thing to take note of, is the pump does struggle to get the product out, I have to pump it a good two or three times before I can get a decent amount of serum. That’s not a huge issue, just one to be aware of when purchasing this product.

When first trying this out I could definitely feel instant cooling to the skin underneath my eyes. The texture is of a thick clear gel, almost feels like the blackhead paste we’ve seen all over Instagram last year. Just a little bit more watery!

It felt really refreshing when I was applying the product in and blended in seamlessly. Once the product is soaked into the skin, you can feel the under eyes start to tighten. I love and hate this feeling! I love it because I know the product has worked to some extent, but I also dislike it as I feel like my skin will crack if I smile too much!

After a short while this does go away, and if like me, you like to use this before bed, or in a morning before applying make up, it’s a really nice way to soothe your under eyes. My make up isn’t effected by this product which is something I was worried about, but my concealer seemed to be a little bit less cakey when I had this on underneath so winner!

I found the serum cheaper on Amazon if you do wish to try it out before spending on the larger price jump. Saying that, with the price does come a great cause. Eyewake donate 5% of the profits to Women’s Aid, which helps to victims of domestic abuse. So any help or support is much appreciated in this case!

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