All you TV Lovers, this one is for you. For me there’s nothing better than getting my teeth sunk into a brand new TV Series. Sometimes it takes hours to hunt for one to watch, but as soon as you start watching it, you wonder how you have never ever seen it before. Then it ends and it’s another year before you can see the next season, or worse, they discontinue the season for good. Or even worse – they let the show drag on for as long as possible and eventually end up ruining what was amazing! Yup…this has happened with a few in this list, so yeah…

I am going to share with you all my favourite TV shows, old and new.  I have binge watched these in a matter of days and most on repeat for the last several years.

1 – SENSE 8

Where do I begin?! This show has absolutely everything. Without ruining it for those who haven’t seen this yet… it’s about 8 strangers from all over the world who are connected with their mind. Sounds fun right? They thought that until they realised they were being hunted by an unknown organisation that wants to destroy them. It’s edge of your seat material and I am absolutely heartbroken that they decided to cut the series short. Due to the popularity by its fans, they demanded that they had to finish the series, they have produced a 2 hour finale, closing off the show in one swift farewell. I can already anticipate tears for this as I have never loved a TV show as much as this. Violence, love, peace and war. Some of the locations are just as jaw dropping as the show itself, with it being filmed in locations such as, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Nairobi, Reykjavik, San Francisco and Seoul. Giving you a sneak peek into the type of people who the characters are. This show is also stands proudly for LGBT, the shows creators are both transgender themselves and it is not surprising that they have created such beautiful characters within the show that resonates with a lot of people. Get on this hype now if you haven’t already. Just prepare yourself that the show will end much sooner than you think 🙁



I think this is a classic for most people if I’m honest. I actually only started watching this just before I went off to university in 2012, which ended up being the year it ended, so I was lucky and got to watch it all without having to wait months for the next season to come out. This for me is such an easy go to series. I can throw it on and do other chores and I already know whats happening just by what they’re saying. I have actually just finished this for the 3rd time again and I’ve jumped onto one later in the list. I’m sure we all know who Gossip Girl is, but incase you don’t… what a surprise eh!



This is a new one that has just been released on Netflix. As soon as it came out I thought ‘meh, let’s give this a chance’. No joke, I watched it all in one sitting. I was not expecting the twist in the middle. All of a sudden it was from ‘meh’ to ‘holy fucking shit what just happened – throw the next episode on’. Basically, it’s about two young 17 year olds who are basically on one long road trip. James has a history for psychopathic traits, so therefore is convinced he is one (anyone who kills animals is a psychopath in my eyes too, James) and Alyssa who feels like she doesn’t fit into her family, school or anywhere. She kind of annoyed me until they got their funky new dos and then she grew on me a little bit. For me, this is a TV series that doesn’t need a season 2. It ended where it did and there is absolutely no need to ruin it with a second season. Another example of leaving it where it needs to be is The Sinner, also new on Netflix last year. That needed one season and it did the show justice. If they take the shows in a new aspect, maybe reuse the actors for difference characters, similar to American Horror Story, then by all means YAS! However, I do not like it when they try to drag out something that can’t be done.


Ahhh, the days of Carrie Bradshaw. Growing up, I loved the quote (as it reminds me dearly of my very best friend Lily), ‘Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with’ and I honestly love that. She is the girl who has stood by me through everything and deep down I do feel as though she is my soul mate. We rarely talk, which is a shame, but when we do it’s like no time has passed at all, and I think that’s very rare and special to find in a friend. I don’t actually have many girlfriends, but those that I do have know who they are, and know that even though I am now residing all the way in Eastern Europe, I still haven’t forgotten them and I know when I can I will always make the time to visit. Sex and the City has taught me about friendship and about how to keep those you love dearest near by. Every girl should watch this as they grow up. It’s one I can always go back too and it never, ever gets old for me.



Now are you ‘Team Stelana‘ or ‘Team Delena‘? I am 100% through and through Team Delena. When I first watched the show, I was team Stelena, but after the last 5 times of watching it, I got switched to the dark side and oh how I love them. Now, I know most people are thinking, ‘Vampires so girly, ugh it’s just like Twilight‘ … I thought that too before I watched this. Again, this is another one I started watching while I was at University, and it took a lot of conniving for my friends to get me on the hype. The first few episodes were SHOCKING and I have no idea what route it would have gone down if they continued it throughout the series, but I will give that a poor judgement and will swiftly move on, just like they did after episode 3. I love this show. Probably more than any other show I have ever watched. After finishing Gossip Girl earlier this week, I went straight back onto Vampire Diaries and I am totally not ashamed by it. I have never got bored with it and I’m not entirely sure I ever will. This will be the 7th time of me watching it and the 2nd time of me watching from start to finish… as it finished last year just before my birthday. I of course watched it back from the beginning and now I am doing that again. No shame. If you like this show then we can of course instantly become best friends.


5 – EASY

So this one is a little different. It’s basically an Anthology series and is a different episode each time. The characters cross over in-between each story line and I love it. With different scenarios each time, the episodes feature some big actors, including Emily Ratajkowski, Jake Johnson, Dave Franco, Hannibal Buress and even Orlando Bloom. My favourite story has to be the one with the brewery. This was featured twice in the first season and also had a sketch in the second season too. If you like this TV Series, I would definitely recommend Friends From College. It only has one season out but I believe they are planning on releasing the second season this year.


6 – Pretty Little Liars

This one only really scraped through into this list. I only added it because I have watched it more than 3 times. I know, I have issues with finding TV Shows and I like to throw things on that I know while I work, so I tend to go back to the ones I knew I enjoyed before. This was great… up until the last season. What was the point in that last season? It felt SO forced and I hate when tv shows try to drag it out for way longer than it needs too. A few films that have done this are, Shrek, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ice Age… etc you get me. They became shit and also a little bit tainted because of it (apart from Shrek because the first film is a classic, not to mention the boss soundtrack). The whole time I was so desperate to find out who A was, and it kind of ruined it for me when I did because it was a little bit pointless and forced. Up until then, I love the show and it actually had me hooked.


7 – How to Get Away with Murder

Now this is a show that I absolutely LOVE. Annalise Keating you’re a bad ass bitch and I want you as my defence attorney even if I’m not on trial. Also baby Wes was on Harry Potter and it’s cute to see him all grown up now haha! This show does not come close to being predictable at all. Me and Luke actually planned out what we thought was going to happen for season 1 and boy were we wrong! It tricks you into thinking you know what is happening and then they throw a spanner in the works. We binged this throughout the Christmas holidays and was the number 1 reason why we rarely went out. This show had me gripped and what’s even better is I have just discovered that the second half of Season 4 is now out! (it’s weekly but still) – I know what I’m doing tonight!!


9 – Planet Earth, Blue Planet

Anything David Attenborough. Of course. Everyone and their mum loves this man and when I go to watch a nature documentary that isn’t narrated by our Dave, then I just turn it off because he is the only one that I can probably ever watch. If you haven’t got onto this hype, then what are you waiting for. Go and watch it now… go on… now.


10 – Mindhunter

I am currently in love with crime stuff. I think my favourite genre is Murder Mystery and this is basically how to catch a murderer using never been done before techniques. Have you heard that the FBI use profiling techniques to catch criminals these days? If you’ve watched Manhunt: The Unabomber (this was also considered to take the slot of this one because I loved it so much) or know anything about The Unabomber in general, you’ll know that James Fitzgerald created forensic linguistics, a type of method to help track down this particular serial killer. He pioneered this into what it is today and he is very well-known. Well Mindhunter is very similar, expect this is the story of Holden Ford and Bill Tench pioneering the development of modern serial-killer profiling, to what we know and use today. 


I’d love to know if you’ve watched any of these or if you have any suggestions based on the above?!






  1. January 26, 2018 / 1:25 pm

    Sex and the City is my ALL TIME fave tv show!! And I love Gossip Girl too, but I haven’t got around to finishing that yet, it’s literally taken me about 10 years, omg I just realised that for the first time just writing that then. That is terrible haha!! I HAVE TO finish it! XX

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Lifestyle

    • January 26, 2018 / 2:53 pm

      You really should finish it!! I can understand why though, it does get a bit ‘bleugh’ half way through! I can just throw it on now while i’m doing chores and I find those TV shows the absolute best! X

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