Holy moly, it’s actually February already! WHAT.

January is the most dullest month ever, but let’s try to look at the positives, shall we? Everyone always complains about the first month of the year, the Christmas decorations are all put away, everything seems so bare and all the twinkly feel-good lights are put away until next Christmas. There’s no wonder we all suffer from January Blues.

This year, January has dragged but also flown by. Waiting for pay-day seemed like it was never going to arrive and I have been living on soups and jacket potatoes for the last two weeks. Swings and roundabouts, because I love hearty foods that remind me of home.

One thing I want to start doing, is looking back over the month and seeing what my top highlights are. I keep a daily diary where I write down every last detail, so in a couple of years, I look back and see what I was doing on that particular day. It’s very silly really, but I’m pretty sure I have some diaries as far back as 2009/10. Last year I kind of failed with the diary, and didn’t actually jot anything down. It was mostly me trying to think back to the week before, pestering Luke asking ‘what did we have for tea that night’? ‘do you remember where we went that Saturday’? – he’s always useless, so it’s best if I take the time at the end of the day to write everything down, that way I will never forget!

Here’s some highlights from January that I very much enjoyed…

New Year’s Eve

This one is technically from 2017, but I entered in the New Year in Budapest. After moving here in October, spending New Year’s here was a delight. Me and Luke adventured around the city, with everyone so joyful, some setting off fireworks in the streets next to us which was actually a little scary now I look back, but with a bottle of wine in hand, and a bottle of prosecco ready to pop at the stroke of midnight, the whole night was one large adventure. We entered the New Year on the Elisabeth Bridge (one bridge over from where we live) and popped the cork over the River Danube. Fireworks went off along the river, and everybody danced, hugged, and kissed their loves one. It’s definitely one moment I will never forget.

Stamp Ampersand on Etsy

For me, drawing has always been my stress release. I love that I can now share my creations with you all. I have drawn on and off for years, studied art at school, and even went on to do design at University. A couple of years ago, I decided to draw for myself in a sketchbook, and so many of my friends loved what I was creating. I even got to do a couple of commission pieces, which I am SO happy to do for people. So if you need anything do let me know as I would love to create something personal and bespoke for you guys :). As I am unable to create actually physical copy of my prints, due to the cost of me constantly sending it abroad, as I know my main customers would be UK-based, I have limited myself to digital copies and I am really happy with them. Getting them officially on a site to sell and share with the world has proven a challenge, but I am also very happy. I haven’t had as many sales, but the feedback has been great. If you are interested in shopping my art, I will link it here for you to have a look. I add new pieces around twice a week (depending how long a particular piece takes me). I’m currently doing a Star Wars series… next I think I may do South Park… do you guys have any suggestions?! I’d love to hear them and your feedback!


Working out

I’m not going to gab on too much about this topic, as I’ve gone into detail about this in a couple of other blogs posts, most in-depth post is here. However, I’ve started to feel great, and I managed to fit into a pair of jeans that I couldn’t zip up before. Winner! Granted, I can’t sit down, but hey… they’re great for walking and look fab when I’m stood up. If I do say so myself, haha. This is a huge highlight for me from last month, as I really want to keep pushing myself and set new boundaries.

Snow day!

This one is so silly, but we had a snow day here in Budapest and it was thee most fun I had in such a long time! It’s the first bit of snow we have seen since living here and we decided to take the treacherous walk up to the top of Gellért Hill. I almost slipped and fell off the side of the cliff, which most definitely was not fun. After that my legs were shaking the whole way back down the hill, I was terrible and holding up LOADS of people behind me… many apologies! You can see my post and the views I got here, it was so much fun and I’m glad we did it in the snow. It made the experience slightly better, and considering I couldn’t see over Budapest when I got to the top, I’m gonna have to do it again… yay!


I hit my best ever views on my blog!!

This is a little bit personal to me, as I started my blog at the end of October 2017, just when I managed to get settled in here and I have been putting my all into it. To finally see my views go up and up really means so much to me. Those of you who do read my blog, I want to hear from you!! I’d love to speak to you and hear your opinion on what content you would like to see and what you would like to see less of. Something I have done this month, I must have done right, because I have never seen so many of you on my blog before. I’m so happy so thank you so much guys for helping make last month achievable, and let’s make this month better!

I love reflecting back over the month and seeing all the good things that have happened. These are silly and fun but some of the best memories I managed to get from such a dull and quiet month. What are your highlights from January?


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  1. February 5, 2018 / 7:55 pm

    January has felt like a lifetime and I’m so glad it’s over! Well done for reaching your most views, must feel like such an achievement!

    Visual Aesthetics

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