I’m going to introduce a new seasonal round up of six things I’m loving right now. These will vary from different platforms but to kick this off I’m starting with a platform I hold very close to my heart – Etsy!

I have even narrowed this round up down to one room. This is going to be my hallway/entryway edition. Basically the room that people will first see and what they’ll first see of your style! So this has to scream you! These are my suggestions for pieces that will be timeless and work (in my opinion) in ANY house.

Does anyone else love entryways as much as I do or am I alone on this? I think my entryway is the most decorated part of my house and I wish I could keep adding pieces to it! I have a huge cupboard which prevents me from having a gorgeous console table but I make do with what I’ve got and I love it!

Anywhere, here’s a list of things that I think every entryway should have!

Starting with the front door, you want your entryway to be super welcoming. I wish I could paint my front door a different colour but right now we are renting so that just isn’t an option – but one day I will have a brightly coloured front door with all the extras.

Nautical Rope Door Mat from The Lazarette (image from their shop)


This screams my childhood. I love anything nautical and I’m even considering getting a rope knot tattoo because well, childhood. I love the rustic look of this outside the front door and it immediately adds character to your home! I am all for the whole funny door mats you can get from basically anywhere on the high street, but this just looks like you’ve really made an effort.

Janette and Paul over at The Lazarette make a bunch of rope related items from toilet roll holders to flower girl baskets! They have a mega cool skill set and even live on a boat. Can’t get much more nautical than that can you?

Definitely check them out if you have the same lust for rope like myself or even if you fancy getting the unique wedding items checked off your list! Father’s Day is also approaching in the next couple of months and I know dad’s can’t say no to a monkey’s fist knot keyring!


Grey Woven Lantern from Sage and Serenity Home (image from their shop)

The next item is definitely not for everyone as i’d highly recommended you to have a front door canopy. By all means, you don’t need one to have them, but this is just something I’d only have if I did. They’re these gorgeous woven lanterns! If you don’t want them outside I would even have them at the side of the wall as you walk in your front door. Then it’s adding a bit of extra light on the evenings without having to turn the big light on. So many options!

Again, with them being suitable for inside or outside, I would use either real candles or even those LED candles you can get and you can even control the colour of them! Bonus!

These lanterns are from Sage and Serenity Home and they have so many cute pieces that can make ANY entryway look adorable with their shabby chic aesthetic.

They have a pink velvet chair that I am eyeing up and I really think it needs to have a home here with me. It’s absolutely to die for!

Hallway Runner Rug from Turkisharearug (image from their shop)



Does anyone else get serious heart eyes while looking at this?? I am in love!

Firstly, it’s pink and secondly it’s PINK. I am a huge pink lover and this has the perfect shades of pink throughout. I am trying to persuade my boyfriend to let me buy this for our hallway because since finding it i’ve not been able to think about anything else.

Turkisharearug has a vast variety of rugs from different sizes, colour and patterns and they’re all absolutely gorgeous.

For me a great runner can really make a room. I could have nothing else there and just a feature runner and I would be happy. They can really transform a space so if you are lacking in that department a runner could be for you.


Console Table from Muju Furniture UK (image from their shop)

Following on with the pink theme, here’s an absolutely gorgeous pink console table.

I’m all for those hairpin leg tables, but they are everywhere and sometimes you need something classic!

I love the handles and the muted pink on this retro console table. It’s the perfect height and width for any entryway and also adds a pop of colour if you’re into more subtle pieces of furniture.

If you have a larger space to fill, Muji Furniture UK actually provide this console table in a variety of sizes and colours so you can shop until you find the perfect piece for your home! I’m in love.


Sex and the City Print from The Ampersand Post

So next up we have some art that will compliment the entryway. This is from my own store on Etsy (I couldn’t do an Etsy edition without featuring myself now, could I?) The Ampersand Post.

The range of prints I provide vary from minimal like this Sex and the City print, or they can even be as colourful as you’d like with the Rebel Rebel print.

I think the print here speaks out to girls around the world and it’s such an uplifting message for people to see when they come to your house!

They come in A4 and A3, so you can choose which size would work best in your entryway space. Maybe some lyrics from a memorable song would be perfect for you. I do custom orders, so feel free to message over any requests via Etsy and I’ll be in touch with you promptly to discuss your design!


Stand Hygge Glass Planter Bulb Vase from HermandealCo (image from their shop)

Finally, let’s add some LIFE into this entryway. What house these days doesn’t have plants everywhere? I know mine does and I have a big one in my entryway right now! It’s from Ikea, but I am loving these littles finds here on Etsy from HermandealCo and i’m waiting until payday to buy some. They’re so unique and add a bunch of character without really trying.

The rawness of the vase is just what I love most about it. Like a science experiment right here in my own home. I can guarantee they will be a talking point for anyone that comes into your home. These would look really cute in your kitchen as well, along the windowsill above the sink is where I’d place mine!

Where would you place these adorable vases if you had them?

It was very hard to narrow it down to 6 shops and items but here we are!

I’d love to hear your suggestions and I’d love to know what your key pieces would be for your entryway in your home/flat/office space! Send over your recommendations as I am always up for a rearranging my pieces and I can’t help but buy more and more!

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